Training (English) to Teachers of our onsites- 5 days

Dear All,

We have arranged 5 days workshop on English Communication Skills to teachers of our onsites located near to Thirupur and Karur Dt.

Around 15 teachers will be benefited.

Duration 5 days

Program Schedule:

23/12/2014, Tuesday, Program Day 1

24/12/2014, Wednesday,Program Day 2

25/12/2014, Thursday, Christmas holiday

26/12/2014, Friday, Program Day 3

27/12/2014, Saturday, Program Day 4

28/12/2014, Sunday holiday

29/12/2014, Monday, Program Day 5

Daily Session timing: 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Program Syllabus:

· Intro

· Secrets of English fluency

· Steps of Sentence Formation

· Treatise on articles and exceptions to their rules

· Parts of Speech

· Comprehensive coverage of all 12 tenses

· Application and behavior of "Singular and Plural" to verbs and nouns

· Sentence formation

· Sentence transformation

· Interrogative sentences

· Plural Forms and Possessive forms of nouns

· Noun Genders

· Active and Passive Voice

· Usage of “could”, “would” and “should”

· Sentence delivery

· Intonation

· Liaizon

· Pronunciation

· Thought Groups

· Comprehension Exercises


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