TN proj reports- 6 teachers deployed for SEBLA

Dear All,

We have deployed six teachers to implement SEBLA (Science Experimental Based Learning and Awareness) project in Karur and Thirupur Dts of Tamilnadu.

No of schools get benefited in Thirupur Dt: 30
No of Schools get benefited in Karur Dt : 28
Total No of students get benefited (5th,6th,7th and 8th std) in both the districts: 3851
No of experiments in target: 100 experiments

Please find the attached project reports which are valid till May 2015 for more details.

We thank our fund owner Asha for education, Stanford chapter for the continuous support.

About SEBLA:

Indiasudar has trained 6 teachers to demonstrate and explain the fundamentals of Science to students studying in 5th, 6th , 7th and 8th std of govt and panchayath union schools in cyclic manner. i.e. Each teacher is allocated certain number of schools and they visit one school per day. Their teaching can lead to better understanding of the subject and increase the interest on science among the students since we allow students to experiment (hands on experience) the low cost models. The experiments are very simple and easily understandable. The experiments are prepared by considering the academic curriculum. The successful implementation and outcome of this project are known by teachers and students of the schools wherever we have executed since 2010.

Few Photos of SEBLA project:



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