Visit Report-PUMS Kenganaickenpalayam Thirupur Dt TN

Dear All,

I visited one of our onsite school -Panchayath Union Middle school, Kenganaickenpalayam, Thirupur Dt,TN on 8th November 2014 -Saturday.

I met teachers and students and inspected the infrastructure and ongoing activities of the school.

a. School Teacher’s cooperation is excellent.

b. Utilization of govt fund is good.

c. Students’ understanding on science is very good.

d. Students’ creativity is excellent.

Following are the requirement:

a. Audio visual class room with CDs and DVDs

b. Yoga Classes by a professional trainer

c. Spoken English Training / Lab

d. Good Library

e. Rs. 1500 per month for toilet cleaning ( Govt fund is not sufficient to meet this).

Indiasudar can support these requirements based on the support from our members.

It will be helpful if we get support for Rs.9000 towards the toilet cleaning for next six months. We request our members to come forward.

Photos are available at


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