Visit Report-Panchayat Union Middle School, Erisanampalayam, Tiruppur dist

Dear Friends,

I went to Panchayat

Union Middle School, Erisanampalayam, Tiruppur dist on 08/11/2014(Saturday). We aided them with a Computer lab and a Library and we deployed a teacher to take care of Computer lab. I checked the computer lab and library report and both was effectively utilized by the students. The Primary standard students were utilizing computers for typing practice and other students are learning MS office applications, Paint etc.

To make the computer lab more effective, we have planned to provide them some educational CDs, Animation /Science related CDs and some books to library. So to provide those materials, we need Rs 3,000 and this will improve students’ knowledge and learning power. If anyone is interested, can sponsor this Partially/Fully.

Refer the below link for Visit Photos


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