Reg-Teacher Deployment to 5 Learning centers of Manitham Trust, Dindigul

Dear Friends,

Indiasudar deployed 5 teachers @ Learning centers being monitored and run by Manitham Trust,Dindigul,TN. Teacher’s salary per month: Rs.1300. We thank our partner TCE-CRESCENDO for the sponsorship for 3 centers.

We thank our partner TCE-CRESCENDO Indiasudar members for their support and active participation. We thank Nisha,Manitham Trust for all the assistance and updates..

Project duration : 12 months
No of centers : 5
Salary per center : Rs.1300

Pls find the attached project report for more details..

About Manitham:

The purpose of the organization is to empower the poor children especially the most exploited and oppressed dalith, Muslim minority and all underprivileged children and women. It is functioning from Dindigul District, Tamilnadu.
Focal areas of interventions of the trust are in child rights, women’s rights human rights, bio diversity conservations.

Manitham Trust, No.5/585, E.B.Colony, Thiruvalluvar Valagam, Collectorate (P.O), Dindigul – 624 004, Tamil Nadu


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