Help needed to provide stationary-Pneuma Trust,Madurai

Dear All,

Every year we support the following onsite for their stationary requirement.

No of students: 30

Requirement: Rs. 10,000 + so we have decided to support Rs.10,000 only.

If anyone of you interested, you can come forward and help these kids (Either Partial / Full support)



Ink Pen-30

Ballpoint pen-30



Ink bottle-5 bottles

Plastic pencil box-30



Geometry Box-20

Long Size 1 Q unruled-175

Long size 1Q ruled – 60

80 pages unruled-60

80 pages ruled – 120

4 lines1 Q-20

2 lines 1 Q-20

Graph Note-30

1 Q ruled noteKing size-25

1 Q unruled noteking size-25

School Bags -30

About Pneuma:Professional Network for the Emancipation of the Under privileged Masses (Pneuma Trust) was founded in the year 2003 and registeredas a Trust under India Public Trust Act 1882. The Trust has three Trustees and it was promoted with the overall aim of supporting the children from underprivileged families from across Tamil Nadu mainly on the themes such as education, health, etc.

Thanks to our member Mr.Manikandan for coordination.


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