IS-KA: Identifying Resource Person‏

Dear All,
This year India Sudar – KA Team is planning to adopt 5 schools and improve the quality of the schools. For the same we needed more and more volunteers who can spend some time with students in adapted schools and work towards improving the same.
For this we are currently identifying resource person who are Professors, Soft skills trainers etc. On the same lines on Sunday(6th April) I met with Prof. Seshachalam Sir (Math Prof) and N A Nagaraj Sir (Social Activist and soft skill trainer). Discussion went very well and both extended there support to visit schools and conduct programs.
We are planning to have our IS volunteers get few sessions from Professors so that we can create our own network and conduct sessions as not every time we can depend on the Professors as they are very busy.
To achieve the same please let me know your interest in these activities so that we can arrange for the sessions from Professors and later we can be on our own to impart the knowledge. If any one of your friends or colleagues are interested please let me know.

And also, also if you are having any other programs which you feel would be good to improve the educational quality in rural villages please reply back to me we can discuss and implement the same.



Vinod Murgod,

IS-KA Team



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