India Sudar N. Najmunisha 1st year 1 semester mark

Dear All,

Please find the below mentioned marks obtained by N. Najmunisha . This student is being supported by Indiasudar with the help our members.

1st year 1 semester mark

code 11 tamil 023+043=66

code 12 english 018+042=6

code 13A computing fundamental and c programming 019+033=52

code 13B digital fundamendamental and architecture 019+034=53

code 13P practical [for 13
A] 040+058=98

code 1AA mathamatical structure for computure science 023+033=56

code 1FA enviromental science 034 =34

PERCENTAGE [13A+13B+13P+1AA] =65%

Course Name : Bsc Computer science

Institute : St. Joseph College Kangeyam Road Tiruppur.

Best Regards,



Education for Individual – Students Assessment


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