India Sudar UDHAVUM NANBARGAL NURSERY PRIMARY SCHOOL and Computer Insitute report

Hello India Sudhar Members,

Below is the report of the school and the institute which we visited on OCT 2nd.

Insitute Name: UDHAVUM NANBARGAL NURSERY PRIMARY SCHOOL and Computer Insitute, Alathur Chennai.


– Teacher needed to teach computer skills on daily basis for computer institute.
– Infrastructure(Computer Systems) help needed to accommodate more children learning Computer Skills.

– Cupboard needed for library to keep the books. The current one is in very bad condition in nursery school.
– They are requesting frequent visits to nursery school.
– Have to place a request to local Polytechnic College to recognize the school and provide with full time courses/degrees which ever possible.
– More competitions need to be conducted to encourage attitude and zeal in children.
– One sided papers which are wasted in several companies are needed. They are utilizing as a roung work.

Progress –

– Mock Tests are conducted before exams and progress what good in examinations when compared with tests.
– SUPPORTING THEMSELVES collecting money from students to do small repairs of the institutes like fans,lights everything is accounted.
– Proper utilization of IndiaSudar facilities.
– Children were encouraged by showing prizes that will be distributed for toppers in final exams.

The pictures of the visit are here:


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