India Sudar Visit report and Requirement -GHS,Porani,Karur DT,TamilNadu

Dear All,

I visited Government High School,Porani,Karur Dt on 26 August 2013. We have been supporting this school for past 4 years. I interacted with teachers and inspected our library and notice board usage.

School strength: 248

Please find the photos at


1. There is a vacancy for social science subject teacher. -Indiasudar already deployed a teacher to take care of this. Teacher takes care our library and computer education.

2. Since Library is being utilized very well, we can provide some more books. – No of books based on member’s donation.

3. They need UPS for computers. They have one but it is under repair. It is better to provide separate UPS for each system. so that even if one is repair, other systems will not be disturbed. Again, even if one goes bad, it can be repaired by using school’s maintenance fund (meager amount). so Requirement is 7 UPS: Each costs around 1900 Rs. 13,300.

4. Need a career guidance to students. – will be given shortly by Indiasudar.

5. Need some motivational classes and Yoga classes- will be arranged soon.

Interested members can raise fund from your friends and Please be part of this initiative.


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