India Sudar – Karnataka Visit Report: Kashinath Kullal (BSc Agriculture Course) Tukkanatti, Gokak Tq, Belgaum Dist, Karnataka

Dear All,

Please find below IS visit report for needy student. We have done the background verification and we found that student is really in need of financial support. Post completion of the project we would be uploading all the required documents in the website.

Visit Date: 24th July 2013

Visited By: Shri L N Banjigwade and Sanju Patil (1691).

Place Visited: Tukkanatti, Gokak Tq, Belgaum Dist, Karnataka.

Student Name: Kashinath Kullal

Address: Tukkanatti, Gokak Tq, Belgaum Dist, Karnataka

Academics: SSLC: 93.6%, PUC: 85%, CET No: FK433, Category: 2AR, Rank: 8539, Stream: BSc (Agri).

Fees Required : 15,500 INR CET Cell Fee

Family Background: Six members in family, Father, Mother, elder brother and 2 younger brothers. Father is working as Barber and income is 150 INR per day, Mother is Housewife. Elder brother is separated from us and younger brothers are going to school. No income for the family from any resources. House is own but smaller one made of mud and don’t have enough space for all the members for comfortable life. Very small home of two rooms of 10*10 sq feet’s. No support from relatives and if somebody do not support their education then there are chances of giving up their studies. They don’t have Land, The boy student scored high marks in both SSLC and PUC, and He got the BSc Agri seat in the UAS Dharwad. Family is very poor and there is no support from anyone till now and I spoke with his PU college teachers as well as the student. Student family already paid the fees 15500 to CET cell, taken personal loan in Private Bank with 16% interest rate.

Course Opted For: BSc (Agri), University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad, KA.

Photos link:


(Vinod S Murgod)
IS-KA Team.

"Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means."


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