Education Stationary Distributed to Students of Ambetkar Puratchi Nagar Home, Chennai

Dear members,

On 13-Jul-2013, Saturday, We distributed stationary items and notebooks to students of Ambetkar Puratchi Nagar near Tharamani , Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


Number of Students : 30.

Items provided for students :-

1. Unruled notebooks.

2. Two ruled notebooks.

3. Four ruled notebooks.

4. Graph notebooks.

5. Geometry boxes.

6. Record notebooks.

7. Stationary items (Pen,Pencil).

Total : Rs. 5,000.

Thank to our India Sudar members Udhay kumar and Karthick kumar , Who purchased material and distributed.

This complete project was funded by our Partner Malar Trust Onlus (P28), Italy

Thanks for your continues support and donation to educate needy students.

Thanks and Regards,

Kaarthick Chandrasekaran.


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