India Sudar Puducherry Visit Report

Hi All,

I had visited(27-Jun-2013) Pondicherry St. John’s and Baby Sarah’s Home. Last year we were supported educational materials for St.John’s Primary School. This is year they are expecting following support from India sudar. Total number of students 102, out of the 102 they are expecting support for 47 students who are below poverty line and orphan students.

Please find the requirements.

CSI St.John’s Primary School, No.10 Victor Simonel Street, PY-605001
No. of Children 47
LKG to V
Class Details Qty. Girls Boys ClassTotal
LKG to V 4 Lines 128 LKG 2 5 7
LKG to V 2 Lines 128 UKG 4 0 4
I to V Ruled 500 I 8 11 19
I to V Ruled(Maths) 318 II 8 12 20
LKG UKG Checked 24 III 11 12 23
LKG UKG Colouring Note 4 IV 8 8 16
I to V Drawing Note 104 V 5 8 13
IV V Composition – Tamil English 58 Total: 102
LKG to V Pencils, Coloring Pencils Scale Eraser

Thanks and Regards,
Senthil Kumar P
IS – PY Team


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