KA – Note Book Drive 2013 Completed successfully

Karnataka team has completed Note book distribution to 38 schools in Gauribidanur, Madhugiri taluks and IGIA, Jakkur on 29th June 2013 and  6th Jul 2013.

Some highlights of the NBD 2013

– Total cost of the project Rs. 4,75,167
– In association with United Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

– India sudar is distributed books in Govt Schools near Gauribidanur and Madhugiri taluks 

– 40 schools and nearly 4600 students are benefited by Indiasudar supported schools
– IGIA, Jakkur and Govt. school Khelegoan were also included as part of NBD 2013

– New Cover pages designed for Note books by Ram Gautham
– Order placed at TLS Enterprises

– Note Books and Stationery were delivered by Jun 22
– Volunteers sorted books school wise on Jun 22 and Jun 23

Team1 – [Indiasudar] – Sachin, Sanju, [UTC] – Prahlad, Kiran, Delin, Rajesh
     Huduti, Chikkakurugodu, Ramachandrapura, Velapi, Konapura

Team2 – [Indiasudar] – Bhargava, Arun, Raghu [UTC] – Suresh, Deepak, Siddesh, Shantharaj
     Maraluru, Halaganahalli, Halaganahalli – Urdu, Vidurashwatha, Gowdasandra 

Team3 – [Indiasudar] – Ram, Vinod, Udhaya [UTC] – Anil, Sunil, Sudheendra, Vishwanath
     Rly stn Thondebhavi, Kambalahally, Basavanahalli, Doddamallakere, Alipura, Muthukadahalli, Veerammanahalli, IGIA Jakkur

Team4 – [Indiasudar] – Anand, Vinay, Arvind [UTC] – Mithun, Manjunath
     Gundapura, Bommasettihalli, Ramapura, Kudurebyala, Idaguru

Team5 – [Indiasudar] Susheel, Mahesh, Siddesh

     Pura, Kakanathopu, Hirebidanur, Hirebidanur – Urdu, Hosakurubarahalli

Team6 – [Indiasudar] Jayashree, Thejaswini, Aprameya, Anil, Sargunan, Raghavendra, [UTC] – Smita, Priyanka, Parasuram, Gautham
     Alkapura, Gedare High School, Gedare Higher Primary, Gedare Urdu, Kakanathopu

Team7 – Suresh, Susheel, CV Kumar
     Byrapura, Gutte, Adavinagenahalli, Muthurayanahalli, Tippapura

Team8 – Vinod, Sanju
     Khelegoan, Athani

Photos – https://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/IndiaSudarKarnatakaNoteBookDrive2013

Thanks to all the volunteers for all the support during the survey, co-ordination with UTC, assessment of printers, placing order, sorting of the books and most importantly during the distribution on Jun 29 and Jul 6.

Thanks to United Technologies for the financial and volunteer support to complete the execution of Note Book Drive 2013
Thanks to Sri GC Ramachandraiah, Assistant Head master of Gedare High School, for co-ordinating with the Head Masters in Gauribidanur taluk schools, help us plan the distribution at Gauribidanur
Thanks to Sri CV Kumar, for co-ordinating with the Head Masters in Madhugiri taluk schools and in association with Chaitanya Sinchana provided Geometric Boxes to these schools.

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