Chennai, Tamil NaduVisit report with Requirement Government Children Home for Girls, Chennai

Dear Friends,

1. Visit Place : Government Children Home for Girls, Purasawalkam, Chennai (This is NOT special home). It’s one of the oldest India Sudar OnSite & visited to start 2013-14 projects.

2. Visit Date : 06-Jul-2013

3. Visit By : Udhaya Kumar.V

4. About Girls Home: I had discussion with Surya Kala, Superdent

4.1 This is the only one Government Girls home in Tamil Nadu, yes off course there is many Boys home in Tamil Nadu. Currently 250 students studying in this home.

4.2 Most of the students in the home will be orphan (or) semi orphan (or) who came to continue there education because of poor background

4.3 This campus having classes till 10th standard and having enough government teachers. After 10th standard, 11th and 12 classes handled through outside schools.

5. Requirement:

5.1 Six students required higher education(Nursing) scholarship. They don’t have family to support higher education. Fees per student (Nursing – Bsc), I am sure atlest we can support for tuition fees.

Rs.20,000 – Tuition Fees

Rs.16,000 – Hostel Fees

Rs.22,000 – Mess fees

Rs.5,000 – Exam Fees

Rs.15,000 – Dress/Uniform/Material/etc

5.2 They have 20 computers, out of this 10 required to install OS/Service.

5.3 Education stationary requirement

Ink Pen – 160 nos

Black Pen (gel)

Sketch pen – 160 nos

Geometric box

Scale, Pencil

Record Note Book – 160nos

5.4 Requested Daily English newspaper like Indain Express, etc

5.5 Adding new books in existing India Sudar library

5.6 Apply India Sudar Education Festival and Moral program

5.7 mic and sound system for daily programs

Note: 5.1 & 5.3 will be high priority and India Sudar will try to do this soon.

6. Photo:

India Sudar
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