India Sudar SEBLA meeting at Karur-TN

Dear Friends,

Indiasudar executes SEBLA (Science Experimental Based Learning and Awareness) project with the help of ‘Asha for Education ‘organization.

Now we have 5 teachers for SEBLA project ( 2 teachers for Thirupur Dt and 3 teachers for Karur dt)

To further strengthen the SEBLA project and to motivate the teachers, we had a meeting at Karur on 04 November 2012.


Dinesh Kumar , Kannan , Periyaswamy and Tamilazhagan – SEBLA teachers

Gunasekaran and Balamanikandan.K – SEBLA co-coordinators.

Time: 10.30 am to 12.15 pm

The following topics are discussed.

1. Self discipline of teachers inside the class room and behavior with students.

2. Attitude of teachers

3. Vision of SEBLA

4. Pending tasks (Completion of book, preparation of materials and models, Science exhibition)

5. Communication of Attendance reports of teachers and updates of SEBLA projects.

We decided to give Performance based salary/special cash award to the teachers based on the following parameters.

a. Attendance and attitude of Teachers

b. Conduction of Science exhibition as per the time frame

c. Scores secured by student based on SEBLA assessment test

d. Scores secured by teachers based on SEBLA assessment test

e. Feedback of coordinators

f. Creating new experimental models using low cost materials.

g. Team forming with selected students and assisting them to achieve Dt/State/National level prizes in science related events.

Thanks to members and Asha for education for the sustainable support and motivation.


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