India Sudar partial financial support for 2 students-Thirunelveli

Dear all,

Indiasudar seeks your support for the following students.

Verification is done and requests are genuine.

Request 1:

Karuthapandi – 1st std – Father no more and mother is patient. Mother and kid are staying in grand mother’s house.

They are not able to send the kid to the government school because they have to travel 4 km. Grandmother and mother are not in a position to take the kid by bus and again pick up and drop. The plan is to send him to the nearby private school. School reduced the fee from 3000 to 1000 Rs. But they have to bear van fee + 1000 rs for school. It comes to Rs.6500 only.

The request was verified by our member Mr.Sivasailam and Veeraputhiran-Thirunelveli,Tamilnadu

If anyone of you interested, please contact us.

Request 2:

M.Priya – BL – Govt college of law, Thirunelveli.

Her father and mother – both are patients- Not in a position to earn money. Her brother earns 4500 Rs and gives 2000 Rs to the family. with this amount they are surviving. They are staying in a rented house. No other property. Daily bus fare itself is a problem for them.

Priya travels 55 Km daily to go to the college. She completed 1st year. Now she has to join 2nd year and the course duration is 5 years.

By the phone call interaction, student’s attitude is good. she is interested towards her education. Very very NEEDY. We have verified this with Mr.Chandrasekar (our member) and her school teacher.

Her requirement: 4000 Rs – College fee and 16000 Rs (hostel fee +mess fee).

If anyone interested, please help her (partial/full)

Please find the attached file for further details.

Education for individual – Priya Tirunelveli-1.doc


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