India Sudar Need ur hand s for 2 students

Dear All,

The following students are in need of your kind help and support to pursue their higher studies.

Please get back to us if you can support them partial/full.

S.No Student Name Class Family Background School and fee Requirement Onsite verification done by


8th std Father-Late

(before 12 yrs)

Mother- Late (feb’13)

His grandmother aged above 65, who is the guardian for him right now.

Komarasamy Gounder Matric Hr., Sec., School.

14,050 Rs per year

10,050 Rs/per year

(5025 Rs in six months)

Ponrajkumar.P (1518) & Muthuk kavin S (1514)

Mulligoor Village,Ooty


Mother Housewife

Having one brother studying +2.

Total Income: 4000 Rs per month

Manjur Govt Higher Secondary School

(English Medium)Manjur


8000 Rs (fee, uniform,note books, guides,workbooks etc)

5000 Rs Mr.Stalin (Non Member of Indiasudar)

For further details, Please find the attached files.

individual_student_form VIDHYASAGAR.doc


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