India Sudar FIELD VISIT- Adi Dravidar Samooga Sevagar Sangam

Dear members,

Today(16/06/2013) along with our
members Adhi, Senthil, i went to Adi Dravidar Samooga Sevagar Sangam
(Oldwashermenpet). We met the hostel warden as the secretary was on leave.

Who are they:
There are around 50 boys students (irrespective of caste)
staying in that hostel from IV TO XII STD. Among them, there are 9
students studying in XII std and 7 students studying X std.
From various donors they are getting
food,stationaries,etc.still they require some help.

What they need:
1. These students expect tuition for physics,chemistry,maths and english.
2.Apart from this they also expect guide book (esp for English) for
their studies.
3.They also require Volley ball, Cricket ball & bat and carrom board
to play in their leisure time.
4.There are 14 computers but only 7 is on working condition. There is
a LAN connection but wires are damaged so it has to be repaired.

What can we support:

1. We can provide staff/guidebook for learning Computer & English.
Guidebook is the first priority for students.
2. The warden told us that he would search for any teachers in and
around that area. ‘coz of security reasons, they want someone to come
to their place and teach. Once they come up with any teacher, we can
support them.
3. Based on fund availability, we can arrange some sports materials as
well for them.

What you can do:
If any of you is interested to help them fully/partially,
please write back to admin with a CC to


We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be.


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