Karnataka learning center report of Maruti mandir Channena halli,banglore south.


Place: Maruti mandir channenahalli. Magadi road.

Tavarekere (Post).Bangalore south.

The learning center started in the month of June2011 and initiated by India sudar volunteers Mr. Udaykumar, Raghavendra, Vinod and Karnataka team. The students were coming to learning center are economically very poor and all are from Govt. school children.

Center reopened on June 6th Wednesday 2012.

The number of students were benefited from learning center is

Class 8th =18

Class 9th= 12

Class 7th=04

Total= 34 Students.

Timings of center: evening 6.15 to 7.45 pm.

Tutors: Mahesh Bellavi. Science teacher

Mr.Keshav. Math’s teacher (part time)

Fee for math’s teacher-Rupees 105X 12 hours=Rs.1260 (rupees thousand two hundred sixty)

June, July, August & September the center successfully ran.

1. The students learnt through Read, Revision, Recall the concept.

2. The students were leant to write and Read without any spelling grammar, mistake but in English language the performance is 58%.

3. Students were taught on Healthy habits, cleanliness practices, love nature and moral stories.

4. Class 8th and 9th students known to use the pocket dictionary.

5. Storey book reading,Evaluation and hand writing class conducted in first month of academic year in weekends.

6. In every Saturday noon Yoga (surya Namaskara and breathing exercises was taught.

7. Deployed a Math’s teacher to teach math’s during weekends of August and September.(6 weeks)

8. Students served their free time by cleaning Maruti temple and watering plants, Chanted Shloka’s and sung Patriotic songs.

Unfortunately the learning center did not complete in November due to unavailability of teacher. In next academic year I planned to continue with adding new academic activities.

I am request to give the guidance and visit the learning center in their free time and feel free to share their ideas with students and with me.

Yours truly

Mahesh – India sudar volunteer.


2013-14 focus on

1. To provide News in education (Times of India)

2. Platform to every child to show hidden talent.

3. to highlight the ill effects of tobacco, alcohol, school dropout, career guidance for class 10th.

4. T o encourage students to read English and Science magazines


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