India Sudar 2175 students – 31 schools- 4 teachers- SEBLA in 2012-2013

Dear Friends

"A successful team is a group of many hands but of one mind"

Yes. The SEBLA team is a group of many hands but of one mind.

Let us see the fruitful outcomes of this team.

We would like to share the status updates of SEBLA project.

Please find the attached report to know the complete information. Don’t miss it!

We have spent Rs. 240969 in 2011-2012 and we need Rs. 364600 for the current year.


Total No of Districts: 2

Total No of schools: 31

Total No of beneficiaries: 2175

Total No of experiments at present: 60

Total No of teachers trained for Thirupur district: 2

Total No of teachers trained for Karur district: 3

Total No of teachers per Thirupur district at present: 2

Total No of teachers per Karur district at present: 2

Major Tasks Completed (September 2012- April 2013)

1. Preparation of additional 40 experiments

2. Preparation of SEBLA book with 100 experiments (60+40)

3. Trained three new teachers for Karur Dt,TamilNadu

4. Reached 2175 students studying in 31 schools of Karur and Thirupur Dt.

5. In Average, Completed 89% of the experiments out of 60 experiments.

6. Conducted science exhibitions at 21 schools out of 31 schools.

7. Motivated 5 students who achieved national awards in National Children’s Science Congress at Banaras Hindu University.

8. Training were given to 5 teachers at Agasthya International Foundation, Kuppam,Andhra Pradesh.

Pending Tasks to be Completed (May 2013- August 2013)

1. SEBLA books with 100 experiments to be printed – Need fund to complete

2. Search and train one more additional teacher for each district to serve and reach more schools with 100 experiments

3. Pending experiments to be completed in 31 schools by 31st August 2013

4. Exhibitions has to be completed in 10 schools by 31st August 2013

5. Practical and application oriented science quiz to be conducted in each district by 31st August 2013

6. Preparation of Multiple choice questions based on our 100 experiments to be completed by 31st May 2013.

7. Conducting tests in few schools to assess the success of the project by July2013.

8. Based on the feedback, Assessment tests will be conducted in all schools by 31st August 2013

9. Feasibility of buying land, constructing science lab and/or SEBLA mobile van to be studied

Thanks to one and all !
Special Thanks to "Asha For Education".

Status Report SEBLA 2012-2013.pdf


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