indiasudar-ocp SEBLA Book-110 pages-100 experiments-need sponsors 1 Attachment

Dear All,

At present we have 60 science experiments under SEBLA (Science Experimental Based Learning and Awareness) project.

Now, we have increased the number of experiments to 100.

Indiasudar thank Mr.Suresh Rajan , Dinesh Kumar and Kannan for their interest, dedication,involvement to bring the book with 100 experiments ( No of pages 110).

Please see the attached book.

Indiasudar expect SPONSORS to print and publish the book. This book will be given to students and teachers.

Estimated cost:
Total No of pages including the front and last cover pages: 110


Cover pages in Multi Colour and inner pages in single colour

No of copies Cost per book in Rs Cost for the no of copies
1000 45 45,000
2000 34 68,000
3000 30 90,000

We request you to get sponsor from your known companies/CSR of your company etc.

Thanks for the support.


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