India Sudar SEBLA- Exhibitions in Mahathanapuram and sengal -Karur Dt,TN

Dear All,

Under SEBLA (Science Experimental Based Learning and Awareness) project of Indiasudar & Asha for Education, SEBLA teachers Mr.Tamil Azhagan and Periyaswamy have conducted Science exhibition at the following schools of Karurr Dt,TN with the guidance and support of our member Mr.Gunasekaran.

1. Panchayath Union Middle school,Mahathanapuram,Karur Dt

2. Panchayath Union Middle school, Sengal,Karur Dt

Mr.Kannan ,SEBLA teacher, Thirupur Dt assisted in the event and interacted with the students.

Our Member, Rahini Devi visited Panchayath Union Middle school,Mahathanapuram and accessed the students’ understanding and evaluated the SEBLA project.

The students are learning science with interest and in a right way !

Students of each school demonstrated the 60 science experiments taught by our SEBLA project teachers.

Assistant Educational Officer, School Headmasters, Teachers and students attended and got benefited.

Thanks to the teachers and all the members for the continuous support.

Indiasudar conveys thanks and appreciation to Mr.Tamil Azhagan and Periyaswamy for their active support and involvement.

Photos are available at



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