indiasudar-ocp SEBLA-Meeting,Training and discussions

SEBLA- Science Experimental Based Learning and Awareness

Dear Friends

16 Dec 2012 , Sunday Venue: Electronic city,Bangalore.


Balamanikandan K , Kannan T and Dinesh Kumar G

The following activities and discussion were done

1. SEBLA book with 100 experiments

All the 100 experiments were finalized and corrections were made wherever necessary.

Under each experiment, few practical questions are added.

Deadline for DTP : January 1st 2013

Deadline for Book Release: January 26th 2013 or 15th Feb 2013

Work coordinators: Mr.Suresh Rajan and Dinesh kumar

2. Instructions were given to prepare two / three working models for each experiment in addition to the existing models. The deadline is January 5th 2013. The models should be simple, text book based as well as from the previous training given at Agastya Foundation.

Work coordinators: Mr.Gunasekaran , Kannan, Tamil Azhagan and Periyaswamy

3. One science exhibition has to be conducted in each block.

Deadline: January 26th 2013

Work coordinators: Respective teachers deployed by Indiasudar.

4. Evaluation/assessments

a. Science quiz including written examination based on the 100 experiments.

b. Visit by Indiasudar members to school and access the students’ knowledge and understanding.

Work Coordinators: Dr.MalarVizhi, Ponraj Kumar, Rajamadaswamy, Sadeeshkumar and Balamanikandan.K

5. Identification additional teachers for each block.

Deadline: January 15th 2013

Work Coordinators: Mr.Gunasekaran, Kannan and Dineshkumar

6. Purchasing 6 Bags to keep all the experiments and Kit boxes

Deadline: January 15th 2013

Work Coordinators: Mr.Gunasekaran and Balamanikandan.K

Please see the photos at

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