Tamil Nadu, Thiruvallur Dist IS Computer/Learning Training Center, Melappedu – Update

Dear Friends,

1. Student detail: Please refer attached(India Sudar Computer Training Center_Students_List_Published Data.xls) sheet for student list.

2. Melappedu Government School Students Directly using our center: Currently government school allocated 1 hr per class to use our Computer Center officially. Currently 6th to 8th standard 56 students attending(started on 27-Jul-2012) our course from 2:00 PM to 3:00PM. This will be scheduled (1 class per day) class wise.

3. Computer added in the Center: We received 5 used computers from Ford India as a donation through Rotary. We added 3 computers in this center on 29-Sep-2012. Now totally we have 12 working computers in this center.

4. Computer Table added to accommodate 4 Computers: Purchased wall mounted table to keep 3-4 computers in the cost of Rs.4000.

5. Learning Center at Computer Center: We started evening learning center in our computer center itself. WE have appointed separated part time teacher(College Student) for this center. Currently we are teacher academic for 6th to 10th standard students. Refer 1.Progress Report – “India Sudar Learning Center Melappedu Village Thiruvallur Dist TN – Progress Report – SEP2012_2012_13.doc” 2. Project Report – project_report_tn_1.396_2012_13.pdf

6. Funding : Both of this Teacher Program funded by Our Partner Malar Trust Onlus(P28). Our Sincere thanks to Malar Trust Friends.

India Sudar
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Our Mission “Educate 15 lac needy Students from 15 Indian states in 20 years”
Our Slogan “Educate Elevate”
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India Sudar Computer Training Center_Students_List_Published Data.xls

India Sudar Learning Center Melappedu Village Thiruvallur Dist TN – Progress Report – SEP2012_2012_13.doc



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