India Sudar – KA Stationary Distribution to Govt Primary School on 4th August at Annasandrapalya

Hi All,

This is the day on 04 Aug 2012 we distributed Stationery to the students of Govt School, Annasandarapalya as part of Note Book Drive 2012.
We the volunteer from India Sudar Jai Ganesh, Anand and Reshma from the Organization who donated the stationery took part in the distribution to the students of the school.

We distributed two note books per student to the total strength of 106 students. Students from standards I std to V std were present over there. Unexpectedly the day we conducted program being Saturday and Ramzan season, the total number of students present was very less.

We distributed note books, pencils, erasers, sharpeners to 58 students who were present that day and for remaining 48 students, we handed over the stationery to the teachers of the school for further distribution.Head master of the school, Mr. Obalappa, due to some official meeting at GH palya, was unable to join us at the time of distribution.

As a group programs that are conducted in the school for each Std from I to V, we have provided Sketch Pens, Color painting boxes, reading books for the school library and some knowledge games.

Students present that day really felt happy when we made them to sing dance and had interaction with them. We would like to extend our hands in the happiness and up liftment of the student’s education.



Jai ganesh, indiasudar

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