IMPORTANT IS Received FCRA approval for Foreign Money Donation

Dear Friends,

We received FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) approval from Ministry of Home Affairs India. It means, we eligible to receive foreign fund from any foreign individual or institute as a donation for our project.

What change in our Bank Account ?

If you donate Indian Money, You should use existing India Sudar account(AC/No: 000901112899 , AC/Name: India Sudar Educational and Charitable Trust). This account will accept only Indian Money. You should NOT send any foreign money in this account. – EXISTING PROCESS [No change in the donation process]

If you donate Foreign Money, You should use New India Sudar account (AC/No: 000901123735 , AC/Name: India Sudar Edu & Char Trust FCRA). This account will accept only Foreign Money. You should NOT send any Indian money (INR) in this account. It wont accept. – NEW PROCESS

What will be the extra work for us ?

We should track Indian and foreign donation separately. (Donor, Address, Phone, email Id, Donation, Currency, etc)

We should track foreign fund project execution separately.

We should submit foreign donation and corresponding project execution report [FCRA Annual
Returns] to Home Affairs every year.

What is FCRA ?

Bank Details

Bank Name ICICI Bank
Branch Nungambakkam Branch, 110, Prakash Presidium, Nungambakkam High Road, Chennai – 600 034, India.
Swift Code ICICINBB009


Account No 000901112899
Account Name India Sudar Educational and Charitable Trust


Account No 000901123735
Account Name India Sudar Edu & Char Trust FCRA

Donation Option

Option 1 Internet Banking, Transaction Description should be specified “IS/Member Code/Member Name”>
Option 2 MONEY OR CHEQUE – will be deposited in India Sudar Account
Option 3 POST CHEQUE or DD to following india sudar address. INDIA SUDAR, Udhaya Kumar.V, D-Lakshmi Sree Apartments, #2, Vedha Nagar, Chinmaya Nagar Stage II Ext, Chennai – 600 092, Tamil Nadu, India..

Net banking transaction Description:
For Member: IS/<Member Code>/<Member Name>

For Non-Member: IS/<NOM>/<Donor Name>

After Successful Transaction (Mandatory), Please send the following information to admin

  • Member Name :
  • Member Code :
  • Amount : [INR, USD, etc]
  • Transaction Date :
  • Address, Email Id & Phone No : <Mandatory for Foreign Donor and Non-Member Only>
  • Cheque Information : <Only for Cheque transaction>

Please let me know, if you need any clarification on this.

India Sudar

Udhaya Kumar V | (m) +91-98402-95650
Our Vision “Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education”
Our Mission “Educate 15 lac needy Students from 15 Indian states in 20 years”
Our Slogan “Educate Elevate”
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