indiasudar-ocp Stationery Requirement: Need Your support.-Pondicherry

Dear All,

84 students from slums are studying in the St Johns school, Pondicherry.

Indiasudar provides stationery to the students every year.

This year’s requirement:

Note books 1030 No; @ Rs; 2o/- =Rs; —20,600/-

Natraj Pencil -140 Nos; @ Rs; 2.40 =Rs; 336/–

Rubber 120 Nos; @ Rs 0.60 = 72/–

Scale 1 Feet 120 Nos;@ Rs5.50 = 660/

Grand Total = Rs; 21,668/-

School Kids seek your helping hands to meet their requirement.

Your contribution Full/Partial will be helpful.

1. About This School:

1.1 This school using St Johns Church infrastructure and running last 13 years.

1.2 They have single hall & divided as seven classes (LKG, UKG to 5th standard) rooms. Most of these school students coming from local slum only. So they have two category of the students, Paying and Free students. They are collecting fund from paying students this will be used for free student education.

1.3 Total Students: Currently 84 students studying in this school.

1.4 Midday meal: This school provide free mid day meal for free poor students.

1.5 Total Staff: They have 8 teachers, including head master and two non teaching staff. They are paying Rs.1,500 to 4000 as salary for this teachers.

1.6 Managing this expense: One source of income will be 36 students fees, Second they got sponsored for free students from local people.


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