indiasudar-ocp Need Your support-Education materials to our learning centres-Madurai

Dear all,

We pay monthly salary to our deployed teachers (10 teachers) who contribute their service at 10 tuition centers being run by Thiyagam Narpanbu Kalvi Maiyam,Madurai.

Every year Indiasudar provides stationery to the students who study at this centre.

This year’s requirement is mentioned at the end of this e-mail.

Total amount required: Rs.18,000. (For 10centres)

Per centre: 1800 Rs .

Indiasudar seeks Your continuous support to meet the requirements. (Partial/Full support is welcome)

About the onsite:

The learning centres are at Melakkal, Mannadimangalam, Kamatchipuram, Ko.Pudur, Thiruvedagam ,Keelamathur, Oothukuzhi, Mullipallam ,Byekara, kodimangalam and Thottapanaikkanur in shozhavandan in near Madurai.

These centres inculcate values and life skills in children.

From the interaction with students and teachers,

The centres take maximum care in guiding,motivating the students.

The students are from financially and socially downtrodden background.

S.No Particulars Amount
1 Educational Posters 300
Leaders/ good habits / Body Parts /Yoga / Vitamins / Scientist/ etc
2 Maps 100
World / India / Tamilnadu / Madurai /etc
3 Charts
Drawing Practices 200
4 Stationaries 200
Attendanance Register/Mark Register/Teachers Note Pad/Files
Pen/& Pencil/ Chalk Piece/ Sketch&Crayans etc
5 Black Board 150
6 Xerox for study Materials
Life skills Stroies & Other Source About Values 150
7 Dictionary 100
8 Educational Books Purchasing 250
Tables & LogBook &Grammar Book
9th,10th Notes (English,Maths) 350
Per center 1800
Per Centre Rs. 1800 x 10 Centres 18,000.00

Best Regards,

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