indiasudar-ka Hosahalli visit – Project report.

Hi All,

We (Me, Sunil and Raghavendra) visited the Indiasudar Learning Center at Hosahalli, Koppal; met the tuition teacher, Ms Bhuvaneshwari and learning center students. Even though, it was summer holidays, we could meet up quite a few students.

Learning Center Project
– Ongoing project for the past few years successfully. Collected the grade sheets of the students and nice to see lot of students with A and A+ grades and few students showing improvement.
– Interacted with students by making them read some Kannada sentences, spell English words and Maths tables.
– Distributed few Drawing books and pencils to students till 2nd standard and Note books (collected from Literary Falooza project and few books from last year NBD) and Pens to 3rd std to 8th std students

Library Project
– Donated Library books collected from Literary Falooza project as part of Library Project.

Computer Center Setup Project
– Donated a Laptop (from AdsFLO India Pvt. Ltd.) to Ms Bhuvaneshwari as part of Computer center

– Laptop installed with Microsoft XP and Office 2007 software
– Course to include Basic computer concepts, using Microsoft XP, Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Introduction to Internet.
– AzimPremji Foundation softwares to be installed soon and more Laptops to be provided, once the Infrastructure is available.

Individual Students Project
– Bills and project reports collected for 5 individual students (Navreen, Sony, Sahana, Yasmeen & Tasleem) supported by Indiasudar
– Results for this year yet to be collected and will be published soon.

Thanks to Deepa from Sonata Software for collecting the Library books and Note books as part of Literary Falooza project and all the volunteers of Indiasudar for helping sort the books required for the Library.
Thanks to AdsFLO India Pvt. Ltd. for donating the Laptop for supporting Indiasudar in helping the rural students get introduced to the computers and learn using the technology.
Thanks to all the donors for supporting for the teacher’s salary and paying tuition fees for the individual students (provide students’ names here). Looking forward for the same support for the next academic year.

The visit photos are at the following link:

Raghavendra,Sunil & Ramaseshan


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