India Sudar Panchayath union middle school,Kenganayakanpalayam,Tirupur Dt-OTN42

Dear Friends,

Last Monday, I have visited one of our onsite school Panchayat Union Middle school,Kenganayakanpalayam,Tirupur Dt.Currently 194 students are studying between 1st std to 8th std and most of the students’parents are working in nearby Banyan Industries/Building works/Coolies.But the little and cute students are active like ‘Bees’ and I could see that there is a good freedom and attachment in between students and teachers.Especially the Headmistress is loving the school and students and for that action the same also reacted by students. The students used to read magazines which subscribed by IS in our Students Library in their Library Period.Now education became one of our right, the sight from government on education has grown. So Government accepted majority of the requirements which are addressed by the school and the school will be get funding so soon for them but apart from that there are few requirements listed below which school really need them and they are,

1)Eating/Dining Hall.
Majority of the children(134/194) depeding upon Sathunavu Koodam for their lunch and even though the school has one Sathunavu Koodam,its located some distances away from to have their lunch they are crossing one road which is the main route for that village using by people which is dangerous.So school addressed this important issue to govt and govt understood on this and the school is waiting for funding to build Sathunavu Koodam in the boundary of school itself.
But here the concern is there is no Eating Hall/good place for students to sit and eat their food and also the trees in their school ground are in a growing stage and govt said that it will be taken care only for Sathunavu Koodam .So obviously class room will be the only choice for their eating room,so they need help for “Eating Hall”

2)Educational CDs/DVDs:
The school have 5 laptops,1 Desktops and TV and DVD player,So if we provide Educational CDs/DVDs,it will be great.

3)Need to conduct SEBLA to create awareness about Science:

Since the students are becoming more enthu,if we conduct our SEBLA,it will be very greatful them to kindle their interest about Science.

4)Sports Goods(Football/Volleyball,etc)

I have attached some photographs which i taken from the school and Please let me know in case of any concerns.

Jun 1st the school re-open date.



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