India Sudar Bangalore Jaiganesh : Status Report of the school : Annasandarapalya




Introduction :-

The Govt Lower Primary School is a pure Govt school having classes from I Std to V Std. It is located at Annasandarapalya, Vimanapura Post, (Via HAL), Bangalore.

Category :-

Though it is a Govt School, no proper or sufficient fund allocation is worked out by the Govt of Karnataka. It is observed that not only this school, most of the Govt Schools of Karnataka is coming under this category only.

Status :-

Some of the following points on the status of the school are observed on a visit to the school in person and meeting with the Head Master :-

(a) The school has classes from I Std to V Std. There are no sufficient teachers. There are only two teachers and one Head Master namely Mr. Pooja Obalappa. Totally it is counted by the Govt as three teachers for the school.

(b) The HM is looking after students of IV and V Std as well as all official works of the School. Two other teachers are given incharge of I to III Stds where they find it difficult to attend on the all the students of three Stds at one time. Totally they are 110 students in the school.

(c) It is said that only Rs. 2000 has been sanctioned by the Govt for School maintenance every year and also it is supposed to increase by Rs. 5000 shortly. We are not assured if the Govt does really know that Rs. 2000 is enough to maintain a school every year. Also the maintenance and functioning of the school is asked by the Govt that it may be channelled through donors or social organizations.

(d) No sufficient class rooms are there. Students of all Stds are asked to sit under one room. Also some of the wooden and other stock of the school has no space to be kept and it is kept in the available class room itself.

(e) The School has no entrance. The School is surrounded by a Ram Temple on its right hand side and two other empty dust bin grounds in front of the school. Staff and students of the school are supposed to come by the way of Ram Temple or through the congested dust bin grounds.

(f) There is no sign or name board for the school so far. Also there is no secured gate for the school as there is no restricted entrance.


(g) During 1994, when Mr. Pooja Obalappa came as Head Master to the school, there was no building or required materials for school maintenance like Almirahs, tables, chairs, student’s desk, water containers etc. There had been only a hut and a clay house remained thereby. The building and materials that we can see in the school now are donated at the request of the School HM from various donors.

(h) One sweeper / Scavenger is appointed by the School for whom salary is donated upto Rs. 800 /- by a donor.

(j) Daily Newspapers coming to the school for the educational upliftment of the students has been paid as a yearly subscription by one donor.

(k) Stationeries like note books, pen, pencils, erasers etc., are requested by the HM to donate every year from various companies or institutions of Bangalore.

(l) The total site of the school may be around 2500 Sq ft. The school is not so spacious to use atleast some empty ground as a playground for the school.

(m) Above all, one good information is that the Govt is sponsoring One time meals daily to all the students through ISKAN, Bangalore.

Location and Landmark :-

On the way to HAL from domlur to old Airport, there is a post office for Vimanapura Post on the left hand side of the road. Adjacent to the post office, a left cut to the signal in front of the post office has to be taken. After a 200 ft distance in the left cut road, a immediate right cut opposite to a market has to be taken. The right cut has to be reached till a Ram Temple. There the school is located.


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