India Sudar SEBLA- Tiruppur district, Vellakovil Block, Science Exhibition 2



About the Exhibition:

We have conducted the exhibition at vellakovil East school, VELLAKOVIL UNION, TIRUPUR DISTRICT. Nearly 610 people around vellakovil has participated.

About SEBLA Project:

We taught 60 Experiments to all 15 schools at vellakovil union, Tirupur District. All the students learned and understood all the experiments very well, and they got benefit through SEBLA project.

Number of school and student participated:


1. Vellakovil East

2. Soriyakinathuppalayam

3. Subramaniyakavundanvalasu

4. Vellappanayakanvalasu

5. V.Kanapathipalayam

6. Thennankaraipalayam

7. Muthur

8. Chinnamuthur

9. Oodayam

10. M. Vellayuthampalayam

Totally 93 students, belonged to these schools participated and teachers and students from these schools co-operated and make this function a grand success.

Program Agenda:

Exhibition Date and Time: 31.03.2012, 10.00Am to 05.00Pm

Prayer Songs: students

Welcome Address: Mrs,S.Vasantha, Head master, Vellakovil East School.

Chief Guest speech: Mr.Rtn.K.Sekar

(President Rotary Club of Karur)

Special speech: Mr. M.Ragupathi, SSA Officer, Vellakovil union.

Mr. V.C. Karunakaran, Secretary of Kongu Matric school, Vellakovil

Mr. V.Babu, Head master, Kampaliyampatti School

Mrs. N. Kirshnaveni, Head master, chinnamuthur school

Mr. P. Jayaraj, Head master, Oodayam school

Vote Of Thanks: Mr.S,Chandrasekar Teacher, Soriyankinathuppalayam school.

First three price list:

1st price-P.Deepika6th Standard, Muthur school.

2nd price- G.Sastha 6th Standard, Vellakovil East School.

3rd price- M,Gowshika 6th Standard, Chinnamuthur School

Award and certificate Distributed:

Totally 93 certificates and three Awards were distributed. 93 students participated 93 certificates were given to 93 students for participation. Three Certificates and Three Awards for price winners.

National Anthem:

Over all project expenses:

Rs. 1700/-


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