KA Chief, Project lead and District Lead meeting

Chiefs, Project Leads  meeting for the quarter
3.17.2012 4PM Cubbon Park, Bangalore
Meeting called by Sachin Belaku
Type of meeting Chiefs, Project Leads and District Leads meeting for the quater
Facilitator Raghavendra and Sachin
Note taker Sachin
Timekeeper Sachin
Attendees Udhaya Kumar, Raghavendra, Sunil, Bhargav, Vinay Rao, Vinay Nagaraju, Anjan, Anand, Sowmya , Mahesh and Sachin
Quarterly News letter
Discussion Need to come out with a quarterly news letter specific for IS – KA.  The columns which are planned are

  1. Fund collected and expenses details
  2. IS – KA activity summary for the quarter
  3. Articles and drawing for the school children supported by IS – KA
  4. Inspiring Articles for the children
  5. Have kannada Font in the news letter
Conclusions News letter is already there and we need to modify it to suit the Karnataka region.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
First News letter will be published for the quarter ending June 2012  Sachinbelaku July 7th 2012
Vinay Nagaraj
Discussion Need to visit the colleges to get young and energetic minds as volunteers to our organization so that we can reach our target.
Conclusions Anand and Bhargav will try to arrange the presentation in two college. Udhaya will give some of the PPT.Presentation will be done on Social Entrepreneurship
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
R V College Anand April 30th 2012
CMR IT Bhargav April 30th 2012
Educational Festival
Discussion Need to identify the schools near by Bangalore to conduct the Education Festival.
Conclusions Viany Nagaraj will provide the SPOC details for 4 schools which he is associated with.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
To Plan to successfully execute the Education Festival Sunil June 30th 2012

Note Book Drive
  1. The number of schools which we will support this year will be same.
  2. Plan to give sport kit for each school
  3. Need to reduce the regular note book and  copy writing books
  4. Drawing book needs to have sketch on one page.
  5. Poster design for the fund raising
Conclusions Raghavendra will take up the task of execution.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
New theme for the poster V inay March 20th 2012
To Plan for successfully execute the Note Book Drive 2012 Raghavendra June 30th 2012
Hosapete Project
Discussion To give laptop
Conclusions Need to plan for a visit.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
To Plan for the visit Ram April 28th 2012
Other Topics
  1. Getting Volunteers through networking
  2. To get AFP materials
  3. Dream a little Dream association and activity
  4. Advertisement of the organization


Conclusions We can get volunteers but making them active is difficult.Need to focus more on the task rather than advertisement. But it do help us to get more exposure and opportunities to raise fund.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
AFP materials Ram/Sowmya May 26th 2012
Talking to Dream a Little Dream Sachin April 26th 2012
To contact Radio jockey.  vinay will give the contact Sachin April 26th 2012


  • Thanks for all for your precise time.
  • Special thanks for Vinay Nagaraju for attending this meeting.
  • Thanks for Ram for getting water to us.

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