Madhya Pradesh, Satna Learning Center Report

Activity report on puraniya village school

The time has come to examination of students , so we are trying to improve their result in exam.

Hence the following activity is undertaken .

1 Sunday activity

We engaged 8 student from the vits engineering college to help our school’s student .

These student are from IT, EC,EE, department of vits college satna who comes at every Sunday and on every government holiday to teach the student .

The students of vits college are concentrating on the subject of English and mathematics .

2 Regular classes

The regular classes are taking place as per schedule from 5.30 to 8.30pm . There is three teachers to attend the regular classes . The teachers of regular classes has completed student’s school syllabus and now the revision is going on .

3 extra activity

Extra activity is not taking place due to the exam time so the extra activity is not going well but we have planned to extra activity in summer session .

4 pre exam

We are taking exam in every two week to overcome the difficulties of exam

Thanking you

Rahul majhi


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