India Sudar SEBLA- Panchapatti School Exhibition-Karur Dt -TN




This type of Exhibition was conducted by
"INDIA SUDAR" Trust and ASHA for education.Today it was conducted by
the Students of Punchayath Union Middle School Students,Panchapatti.
Nearly 310 peoples were participated.

We taught 60 experiments (per month 10) to 15
schools in Krishnarapuram Union ,Karur Dt.All the students from all school
can do all experiments and can tell the explanation.It gives the
experimental knowledge to the students exspecially to the Govt. sch.studets.

photos are at


Panchayath Union Middle School students.(6,7,&8th)

*EXHIBITION DATE & TIME* : 28.03.2012 10.30 AM TO 3.30 PM



1.Mr.Shanmugasundaram -AEEO
2.Mr.Duraipandiyan -Pun.President
3.Mr.Elangovan -Counciler
4.Mr.Azhaguraj-PTA Head
5.Mr.Sathiyamoorthi-VEC Head
6.Mrs.Kannki -SSA Superviser
7.Mr.Devadass –

*Welcome Address *:

Mrs.Rajeshwari -HM ,Panchapatti school.

*Chief Guest speech* :

Mr.Shanmugasundaram -AEEO ,Krishnarayapuram

Mr.Sathiyamoorthi-VEC Head , Krishnarayapuram

*Special speech*:

Mrs.Kannki -SSA Superviser ,Krishnarayapuram

Mr.Devadass –,Panchapatti.

*Vote Of Thanks* :

Mr,Jaikumar ,Science BT,Panchapatti.

*National Anthem* :

By all the participants.

Thanks to all our members.

India Sudar Karnataka Note Book Drive – 2012 – Request for Donation

Wishing you all a very Happy Yugadi 🙂

India Sudar( executes 5th year of Note Book Drive (NBD-2012) project in Karnataka. As part of this project, we will provide educational stationery for rural government school students at free of cost. This includes schools from Gauribidanur & Madhugiri and few orphanage homes in Bengaluru. This covers 40 schools and reaches nearly 5000 students. We need approximately 3.5 Lakhs to execute this project in Jun’2012. Below is the average cost incurred per student/class/school for Higher primary schools and High schools.

Higher Primary School (1st to 7th)

Rs.70 for 1 Student
Rs.1,500 for 1 Class
Rs.10,000 for 1 School

High School (8th to 10th)

Rs.120 for 1 Student
Rs.10,000 for 1 Class
Rs.32,000 for 1 School
Few projects we executed from India Sudar KA team
2008 –
2009 –
2010 –
2011 –
Photos:Chickballapur –
Kolar – –

2009 –
2010 –
2011 –

FREE COMPUTER TRAINING for your time.  I request you to kindly donate for this cause.  Various options to donate to IndiaSudar is available below.  If you are interested to join the team or contribute in any way, feel free to reach me on mail or phone (+91 99860 25116).

Please feel free to forward this to your friends who would be interested in this cause.

IS – KA team


You can Deposit/Fund transfer to following India Sudar Account:

Bank Name: ICICI Bank
Branch : Nungambakkam Branch, 110, Prakash Presidium, Nungambakkam High Road, Chennai – 600 034, India.
Account No : 000901112899
Account Type : Saving

You can post Cheuqe/DD to following India Sudar Office:

Suresh R,
467/3, Papamma Layout III Cross,
Ramamurthy Nagar,
Bangalore – 560 016, KA, India.

After Successful Transaction, Please send the following information to
Donor name: (Mandatory)
Donor postal address: (Mandatory)
Donor eMail Id: (Mandatory)
Donor phone: (Optional)
Donation amount:
Donation deposited date:
Donation cheque/dd Information: (Optional)
Donation web transfer description: (Optional)

More Donation Option:

How to Get 80G ?
Automatically you will get 80G certificate through email / India Postal.

India Sudar Follow up — Manidham Trust, Dindigul, Tamilnadu

Hello Folks,

Hope you all know that, we are supporting Manidham Trust, Dindigul. They are providing Value based education to the students in the nearby rural areas. Attached are the progress of those centres. They have improved the pass percentage to a significant level. Good job done.

Out of 5, 3 projects are supported by TCE-Crescendo group, 1 by Gavs Testing team and another one from Indiasudar. Thanx to all for ur continuous support.

Athi (B +ve)

We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be.

India Sudar Project Result Report v1(1).0-Asnathpuram.xls
India Sudar Project Result Report v1(1).0-Thennam patti..xls
India Sudar Project Result Report v1(1).kalikkam patti.xls
India Sudar Project Result Report -vedasendore. v1(1).0.xls
India Sudar Project Result Report v-Rajakkapatti..xls

India Sudar Bihar, Sitamadhi Dist First India Sudar Learning Center in Bihar

Hi Friends,

I feel very satishfied to announce that the first India Sudar Learning Center
has been started in Bihar.

Govt. Primary School in Village :- Khari, Dist ;- Sitamadhi,Bihar

Working Hours :- 7 AM to 9 AM from Monday to Friday; 10 AM to 12 on Saturday

Teacher Name :- Chandan Kumar.

Teacher Qualification :- Studying in BA First Year

Teacher Address :- Chandan Kumar S/0 Anil Kumar Sharma, Vill ;- Sakram, Post :-
Charaut, Dist :- Sitamadhi. PO :- 843319

Teachers Salary :- Rs. 2000 PM

Set-up Cost for One Year :- Rs. 27,400

Pankaj Kumar Jha,

Tamil Nadu, TIRUPUR DISTRICT India Sudar science exhibition at tamilnadu, tirupur distirct-Vellakovil union



About the Exhibition:

We have conducted the exhibition at vellakovil West school, VELLAKOVIL UNION, TIRUPUR DISTRICT. Nearly 583 people around vellakovil has participated.

About SEBLA Project:

We taught 60 Experiments to all 15 schools at vellakovil union, Tirupur District. All the students learned and understood all the experiments very well, and they got benefit through SEBLA project.

Number of school and student participated:


  1. Vellakovil west
  2. Theethampalayam
  3. Nadupalayam
  4. L. K.C. Nagar, vellakovil
  5. Government high school, Lakkamanayakanpatti

Totally 80 students, belonged to these schools participated and teachers and students from these schools co-operated and make this function a grand success.

Program Agenda:

Exhibition Date and Time: 03.03.2012, 10.00Am to 04.00Pm

Prayer Songs: students

Welcome Address: Mr. C. Periyasamy, Head master, Nadupalayam School.

Chief Guest speech: Mrs. Aru. Ponnalagu , AEEO Vellakovil union.

Mr. R.Udhayakumar, India Sudar Trustee

Special speech: Mr. M.Ragupathi, SSA Officer, Vellakovil union.

Vote Of Thanks: Mr.C. Balasubramaniyam, Teacher, Theethampalayam school.

National Anthem:

First three price list:

1st price- Jayakumar 6th Standard, Vellakovil West school.

2nd price- Ganesh 8th Standard, Theethampalayam School.

3rd price- Poomani 7th Standard, Lakkamanayakanpatti School

Award and certificate Distributed:

Totally 80 certificates and three Awards were distributed. 80 students participated 77 certificates were given to 77 students for participation. Three Certificates and Three Awards for price winners.

Over all project expenses:

Rs. 4000/-

Best Regards



KA Chief, Project lead and District Lead meeting

Chiefs, Project Leads  meeting for the quarter
3.17.2012 4PM Cubbon Park, Bangalore
Meeting called by Sachin Belaku
Type of meeting Chiefs, Project Leads and District Leads meeting for the quater
Facilitator Raghavendra and Sachin
Note taker Sachin
Timekeeper Sachin
Attendees Udhaya Kumar, Raghavendra, Sunil, Bhargav, Vinay Rao, Vinay Nagaraju, Anjan, Anand, Sowmya , Mahesh and Sachin
Quarterly News letter
Discussion Need to come out with a quarterly news letter specific for IS – KA.  The columns which are planned are

  1. Fund collected and expenses details
  2. IS – KA activity summary for the quarter
  3. Articles and drawing for the school children supported by IS – KA
  4. Inspiring Articles for the children
  5. Have kannada Font in the news letter
Conclusions News letter is already there and we need to modify it to suit the Karnataka region.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
First News letter will be published for the quarter ending June 2012  Sachinbelaku July 7th 2012
Vinay Nagaraj
Discussion Need to visit the colleges to get young and energetic minds as volunteers to our organization so that we can reach our target.
Conclusions Anand and Bhargav will try to arrange the presentation in two college. Udhaya will give some of the PPT.Presentation will be done on Social Entrepreneurship
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
R V College Anand April 30th 2012
CMR IT Bhargav April 30th 2012
Educational Festival
Discussion Need to identify the schools near by Bangalore to conduct the Education Festival.
Conclusions Viany Nagaraj will provide the SPOC details for 4 schools which he is associated with.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
To Plan to successfully execute the Education Festival Sunil June 30th 2012

Note Book Drive
  1. The number of schools which we will support this year will be same.
  2. Plan to give sport kit for each school
  3. Need to reduce the regular note book and  copy writing books
  4. Drawing book needs to have sketch on one page.
  5. Poster design for the fund raising
Conclusions Raghavendra will take up the task of execution.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
New theme for the poster V inay March 20th 2012
To Plan for successfully execute the Note Book Drive 2012 Raghavendra June 30th 2012
Hosapete Project
Discussion To give laptop
Conclusions Need to plan for a visit.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
To Plan for the visit Ram April 28th 2012
Other Topics
  1. Getting Volunteers through networking
  2. To get AFP materials
  3. Dream a little Dream association and activity
  4. Advertisement of the organization


Conclusions We can get volunteers but making them active is difficult.Need to focus more on the task rather than advertisement. But it do help us to get more exposure and opportunities to raise fund.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
AFP materials Ram/Sowmya May 26th 2012
Talking to Dream a Little Dream Sachin April 26th 2012
To contact Radio jockey.  vinay will give the contact Sachin April 26th 2012


  • Thanks for all for your precise time.
  • Special thanks for Vinay Nagaraju for attending this meeting.
  • Thanks for Ram for getting water to us.

India Sudar Partner with “Diwali Foundation” Under OCP

Dear Friends,

Very happy to introduce New Partner Organization “Diwali Foundation” under Open Charity Platform(OCP) to achieve Common Vision !!

Org Name : Diwali Foundation

Address : Flat 101, RR Residency, Plot 38, HMWSSB Road, Hyderanagar, Hyderabad – 500049

About the Org: Works to improve Primary and Secondary education in rural Area, improve moral values to the youth and children


Contact Point: R Nageshwara Rao, Managing Trustee, Kpv.paparao

India Sudar

Our Vision “Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education”
Our Mission “Educate 15 lac needy Students from 15 Indian states in 20 years”
Our Slogan “Educate Elevate”
eMail by Udhaya Kumar V | (m) +91.98867.33607

India Sudar Profiles: facebook.png Facebook twitter.png Twitter picasa.png Picasa wordpress.png WordPress

Madhya Pradesh, Satna Learning Center Report

Activity report on puraniya village school

The time has come to examination of students , so we are trying to improve their result in exam.

Hence the following activity is undertaken .

1 Sunday activity

We engaged 8 student from the vits engineering college to help our school’s student .

These student are from IT, EC,EE, department of vits college satna who comes at every Sunday and on every government holiday to teach the student .

The students of vits college are concentrating on the subject of English and mathematics .

2 Regular classes

The regular classes are taking place as per schedule from 5.30 to 8.30pm . There is three teachers to attend the regular classes . The teachers of regular classes has completed student’s school syllabus and now the revision is going on .

3 extra activity

Extra activity is not taking place due to the exam time so the extra activity is not going well but we have planned to extra activity in summer session .

4 pre exam

We are taking exam in every two week to overcome the difficulties of exam

Thanking you

Rahul majhi

Tamil Nadu, Thiruvallur Dist Learning Center – Progress Report – AY 2011-12 Half Yearly – Alathur Village Udhavum Nanbargal

Dear Friends,

Learning Center students progress report (Academic year 2011-12, Half Yearly) attached for your reference. Thanks for your support.

India Sudar

Our Vision “Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education”
Our Mission “Educate 15 lac needy Students from 15 Indian states in 20 years”
Our Slogan “Educate Elevate”
eMail by Udhaya Kumar V | (m) +91.98867.33607

India Sudar Profiles: facebook.png Facebook twitter.png Twitter picasa.png Picasa wordpress.png WordPress


Learning Center Progress Report AY 2011-12 Half Yearly – Alathur Village Udhavum Nanbargal Thiruvallur Dist Ta mil Nadu.xls

India Sudar Andhra Pradesh, Medak District Survey forms Submission


Please find the attached survey forms, which are been done in two of the schools in PATANCHERU,MEDAK district, ANDHRA PRADHESH..




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