Tamil Nadu Visit to New Life Charitable Trust – 29th December 2011

Dear Friends,

Me and my family have had the pleasure of visiting New Life Charitable Trust, Eraiyur Village. They were very welcoming, the kids,
the elders and the amazing people behind the running of this trust. We spent half a day, chatting, playing with the kids and also

talking to the elders in the old age home.

Each and every one of them made sure that we stayed and had lunch with them, and so we did. Delicious food, thanks to the workers behind
the cooking.

We took some Laddu for the children, and some balloons for them to play with. Also, my wife, sister and daughter spent some time with the

girls applying nail polish.. it was great to see the smiles on those innocent faces.

We did what we could and bought cooking oil, sugar, flour and some cash donation at the end.

Here is the link to the photos:

Here is the link to the trust website: http://newlifecharitabletrust.org/

Take Care and keep up the good work,

Saravanan (715)

"For the world, you’re someone. For someone, you are the world" – Unknown

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