India Sudar Project Report: Career Guidance Training

Dear Friends,

Wish You a Happy and Prosperous New Year

India Sudar had decided to take its career guidance program to all the students in their school campus itself. To implement this ambitious project, We have identified two of the IS members and trained them in career guidance and counseling. Our resource persons will now go to individual rural and government schools and take the career guidance session.

Advantages of this approach :

  • Since counselors are coming to their schools students get an opportunity to have their doubts get cleared.
  • Since profile and background of students are known while visiting the school, counselors can give more focused information during the session.
  • More number of students are able to get details on the course they want to purse.
  • Unlike when we are organizing the career guidance program at the common place and inviting the nearby schools, logistics and approval issues are not there here. Easier to get the complete co-operation from the school management and students.
  • Project Cost is very minimal.
  • Highly Effective with best targeting of the needy students especially girls.

As a part this long term project, Indiasudar had arranged a training for Mr. P. Ramkumar MA and Mr. G.Dinesh Kumar BA in various aspects of career guidance and counseling. We have given them books and reading materials on various career prospects after high school and higher secondary school. In the two phase training program they have learned various aspects of career guidance and get them familiarized with conducting guidance sessions for school students.

Project Cost for Training: Rs.1365

Please the attached project report

Photos taken during Training can be availed at:

Indiasudar Career Guidance Training Part-1 Indiasudar Career Guidance Training Part-2

With Regards
Raja M
M.Tech Student
IIT Madras
+91 – 9677641988



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  1. lilian Mushonga
    Feb 19, 2012 @ 12:31:16

    Excellent Post! Everyone Needs Some Career Guidance To Find The best career for Them


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