Rajasthan Project report: Career guidance and awareness program

Dear Friends,

During my recent visit to Rajasthan I also organised a Career guidance and awareness program in Govt. Sec. School -Shayopura Bass , Tehsil – Suratgarh, Dist- Sriganganagar. This year Rajasthan Govt decided to celebrate Vivekananda Jayanti (12-Jan-2012) as career Day. Since at that time I was at my home and I approached to HM of near by village school.

School staff is very much supportive and assembly session is really well organised. Soon after assemble session I took the career guidance session. Step wise step I explained them about all streams after 10th(Arts. Science, Commerce, Agriculture, ITI, diploma courses etc) because as per my interaction with students no one aware about all these streams even they don’t know about medical & non-medical. After that I explained them about various career options in diff-diff streams.

As Raja mentioned in one earlier mail I think this is the very good approach:

  • Since counselors are coming to their schools students get an opportunity to have their doubts get cleared.
  • Since profile and background of students are known while visiting the school, counselors can give more focused information during the session.(In this case this is almost like my native village)
  • More number of students are able to get details on the course they want to purse.
  • Unlike when we are organizing the career guidance program at the common place and inviting the nearby schools, logistics and approval issues are not there here. Easier to get the complete co-operation from the school management and students.(School HM easily allowed me for organising the session )
  • Project Cost is very minimal. (No mike system, nothing is used for this project)
  • Highly Effective with best targeting of the needy students especially girls.

As I have no prior plan for this program. We were not able to distribute them career guidance material. I promised them that next time when I’ll come to home I’ll bring booklet for them.

Project Cost for the session: Rs. 0.

Please find the attached photo.

Thanks & Regards,
Rajveer Singh

Rajasthan, Bikaner Dist Awareness and motivational program for villagers

Dear Friends,

As we started some projects in Rajasthan. In this series during my recent visit to Rajasthan on 09-Jan-2012 we organised a awareness & motivational program. During my interaction with some local social workers when I explained them about India sudar and our plans. Mr. Padam singh Godara of Ghorella village(Near Dungargarh, Dist- Bikaner) approached me to organize a motivational & awareness for villagers because in this area many times they are also not supporting this type of activities.

Mr. Padam singh (Constable in Raj. Police) is the only Govt Employee from this village. He has a high ambition to develop his village. Hence in 1st phase we decided that first of all we have to organize a awareness & motivational program for villagers. In this I explained them about the importance and necessity of the good education.

Highlights of the program:

1. I explained them about various scopes of education.
2. With the help some successful stories of various people from same background I tried to motivate them.
3. Villagers actively participated in this like when I was explaining them about various career option one parents asked me the procedure to become SP(IPS).
4. Mr. Padam Singh told that he is ready to do anything for his village but he needs proper support from all of them.

This is really a very good start and villagers promised to provide all type of support and from now on-wards they will send their children to school and college at any cost.

Now in next phase Mr. Padam Singh is collecting details of all the students and then we’ll work a detailed road-map to improve to condition of education in this village.

Please find the attached photos.

Thanks & Regards,
Rajveer Singh

Tamil Nadu, Kanchipuram Dist Visit Report – Maranatha Arche Children Home, Maraimalai Nagar, Kanchipuram Dist, Tamil Nadu.

Dear Friends,

1. Visited To: Maranatha Arche Children Home, Maraimalai Nagar, Kanchipuram Dist, Tamil Nadu.

2. Visited By: Kishorekumar.J(1330), K.Siyananthan & Udhaya Kumar.V(1)

3. Visited On: 14-Jan-2012, Chennai

4. We visited to Maranatha Arche Children Home and had discussion with students and staff. This is first time we are visiting to this home.

5. About: This home started in 1972 and currently owned/managed by Mrs.Christina V Philips. This home provide shelter, food and education for 93 students (orphan/semi orphan – Most of them girls). This home having 7 staffs, who is taking care of cooking, cleaning, etc work.

6. Infrastructure: They have very good building for stay and maintaining properly. They have dedicated person to prepare food for these kids.

7. Education: These students going for nearby two government schools. Other then this, they are teaching cloth/handicraft for selected girl students.

8. Requirement: This kids requested lot of thing for education related things, when we interacted, some of the list which we are planning to do now .1. computer education – provider computer (Already our teacher ready to take class in this place) 2. Sports Item 3. Drawing material with Drawing Classes.

9. Some Photo: https://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/MaranathaArcheChildrenHomeMaraimalaiNagarKanchipuramDistTamilNadu

India Sudar

Our Vision “Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education”
Our Mission “Educate 15 lac needy Students from 15 Indian states in 20 years”
Our Slogan “Educate Elevate”
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Tamil Nadu, Chennai Visit Report – Govt Children Home for Boys, Royapuram, Chennai



Dear Friends,

1. I have visited to Govt Children Home for Boys, Royapuram, Chennai and had discussion with Glory Gwaseli(Superdent), Selva Kumar (Duputy Superdent) for student education status. as you know well, this government home handling reception (this student no will keep vary) and regular students.

2. India Sudar running education project for this home from year 2007. We executed project like Learning Centers, Stationary, Activity based learning, Sports, Creative Learning, etc. We holed our activity for last 6 months in this school because of some management change.

3. Currently 80 students studying in the regular classes till 10th standard. Now this school need the education help for 8th to 10th standards students in Academic specific. We are planning to start our class from 8th to 10th standard (10 students from 8th, 9 students from 9th, 1 student from 10th) classes soon.

4. About this Home and Old IS Activity:



India Sudar

Our Vision “Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education”
Our Mission “Educate 15 lac needy Students from 15 Indian states in 20 years”
Our Slogan “Educate Elevate”
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India Sudar Leadership & Volunteer Excellence Award – 2011

Dear Friends,

We know that, every small contribution from our member towards the vision will educate some needy students. But we should appreciate some of our members who contributed there time in selfless and sustainable manner towards our vision. Based on our process, India Sudar Chief (team) nominated contributors under two categories and finalized these award winners for Year 2011.

I am taking this opportunity to announce following award winners under two categories. Our Sincere thanks to all for your Selfless Service, behalf India Sudar. I am sure every India Sudar member will wish U the same.

India Sudar Leadership Excellence Award – 2011 (9 Members)

313 Balamanikandan.K

209 Gopinsth.S

852 Mohanraj.K

1189 Naresh Lakhawath

244 Raghavendra Prasad A R

241 Ramaseshan.S

1110 Ravi kumar D S

4 Sargunan.T

1022 Vinay N

India Sudar Volunteer Excellence Award – 2011 (38 members)

1371 Albert wilson D

91 Athitha Nadarajan.S

866 Baiju S

894 Balasarasuwathi Venkatesh

436 Bhaarathi.N

1154 Chandra Sekhar Lenka

1116 Dasari Threegun Babu

1283 Dr.Malarvizhi.T

1343 Edward Anto A

1359 Girish Babu D S

590 Gunasekaran.R

833 Hemalatha Venkataraman

1062 Ilayaraja Thangamuthu

239 Karthikeyan Mani

NOM Kodandapani.K

NOM Krishna Kumar Pande

923 Kumar.K

1506 Mahesh Bellavi

NOM Mamdadi Arun Kumar

NOM Murali

1514 Muthuk kavin S

602 Nagaraj.G

1130 Nageswara Rao.M

611 Narendran.T

1260 Pagutharivalan.P

1512 Punya Sruthi.D

1005 Radhe Shyam Vaishnav

375 Rajamadasamy.M

938 Ram kumar.P

999 Sachin P B

1012 Sadeesh Kumar M N

578 Shanmukavadivu.K

157 Sudha.S

740 Sundara Kumar Padmanabhan

1459 Sureshrajan.M.P

312 Thejaswini.A.R

989 Umarani.M

632 Veera Kumar S

Note: These awards will be hand it over in India Sudar program’s (or) Hand it over directly in there home (or) through Postal. Let us know, if any spelling mistake in the name list.

India Sudar

Our Vision “Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education”
Our Mission “Educate 15 lac needy Students from 15 Indian states in 20 years”
Our Slogan “Educate Elevate”
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Tamil Nadu Gov High School Gnayiru Village Thiruvallur District


Gnayiru, Gnayiru village,

Thiruvallur district, Chennai – 600067

Date : 11.01.2012

Station : Chennai

Dear Sir,

We are thankful to you for deploying the teacher Mrs. VALARMATHI to this institution. She is doing her best which is more helpful to the poor and needy children of this school. She is more interested and sincere in her work. Her performance is good.

Andhra Pradesh Meeting Minutes at Hyderabad – Dec 28th

Dear All,

We had wonderful meeting at Hyderabad on Dec 28th 2011 and discussed about new year plans too.
Please find MoM in enclosed file.




India Sudar TN-3 Students fee paid (Renewal Projects) -Project Reports

Dear All,

We are happy to announce that the following three Individual students renewal projects has been completed through our "India Sudar".

First we give our sincere thanks to Donors of these projects Rasika Jairath (424), Laxman (710), Nysa Foundation (P31) for their support.

S.No. Name of Student Course & Institution Amount in Rs Donated By
1 HEMALATHA G B.Sc Physics, 4th Sem, Selvam Arts and Science College,Ponnusamy Nagar,Namakkal-3 2500 Rasika Jairath (424)
2 BRITTO KENNADY W BBA, Jain College, Meenambakkam,Chennai 4000 Nysa Foundation (P31)
3 ARUNAGIRI S B.COM- 2nd Sem, A K D Dharma Raja Womens College Rajapalayam Pincode: 626117 4000 Laxman (710)

Here I have attached project reports for your further reference. Their academic performance will be circulated once we receive their results.

Thanks & Regards

S Muthu kavin

People. Partnership. Performance

"A better world begins with you"

Tamil Nadu Visit to New Life Charitable Trust – 29th December 2011

Dear Friends,

Me and my family have had the pleasure of visiting New Life Charitable Trust, Eraiyur Village. They were very welcoming, the kids,
the elders and the amazing people behind the running of this trust. We spent half a day, chatting, playing with the kids and also

talking to the elders in the old age home.

Each and every one of them made sure that we stayed and had lunch with them, and so we did. Delicious food, thanks to the workers behind
the cooking.

We took some Laddu for the children, and some balloons for them to play with. Also, my wife, sister and daughter spent some time with the

girls applying nail polish.. it was great to see the smiles on those innocent faces.

We did what we could and bought cooking oil, sugar, flour and some cash donation at the end.

Here is the link to the photos:

Here is the link to the trust website: http://newlifecharitabletrust.org/

Take Care and keep up the good work,

Saravanan (715)

"For the world, you’re someone. For someone, you are the world" – Unknown

Tamil Nadu, Tiuvallur District Learning Center started for 10th poor performing students at Govt High School, Pakkam, Tiuvallur District, Tamil Nadu…..

About the School:

The school is located in the rural area of Tiruvallur District. Most of this student’s parents are working as labor. Last year, this school pass percentage in 10th examination was 49% and 90% of the students are failed in science, maths and English subjects. They have requested India Sudar to deploy one teacher for conducting special coaching for the 10th students in the evening class.

We started our evening learning center to provide regular training program for 10th standard students to get pass in public examination. This will be 5 months program and covers 80 students, out of 140 from 10th standard.

Our organization service level have be improved current days.

Now days the students has been improved the knowledge and scored good percentage of marks. Our staffs are working properly they are co-operate all of stages.

And I’ll enclose the student mark list.

School Details:

Govt High School, Pakkam, Tiuvallur District, Tamil Nadu

Total Students: 500

Total Teachers: 16

Total No of teachers for 9th and 10th: 6

Total no of 10th students – 126

10th Boys: 53

10th Girls: 73

Last Year 10th Pass %: 49


1. Deploy teacher for Evening class for 10th students

2. Special coaching for English Reading

evening class teacher bio data.


Father name: RAJA.M

date of birth: 22.03.1990

sex: male

Educational qualification: BCOM (3year)

Address: No.4/420 Bajanai kovil street

pakkam post, thirunindravur,

thiruallur(DIT), chennai.



Father name: RAJA.M

date of birth: 23.03.1992

sex: Female

Educational qualification: BSC(Maths)2year

Addres: No.4/420 Bajanai kovil street

pakkam post, thirunindravur,

thiruallur(DIT), chennai.



India Sudar Volunteer
Tiuvallur District, Tamil Nadu
(m) – 9042960678

project report.xlsx

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