India Sudar TN-5 students fee paid -Project reports

Dear All,

We are happy to announce that the following Individual students were benefited for their education from our "India Sudar".

First of all we give sincere thanks to our Donors Mughil Social Welfare Organisation, Mr.Saravanan Subramanian (714), Mr.Durga Owen (258), Mr.K Surendar Nahar (1516) for their donation.

Secondly we thank to work coordinators of these projects Mr. Arumuga Perumaal (597), Mr. Kumar (923),Mr.Pagutharivalan P (1260), Mr.Udhaya Kumar.V(1), Mr.Balamanikandan.K (313), Mr.Muthukkavin (1514) for their dedicated work.

The following list of students who were benefited.

S.No. Name of Student Course & Institution Amount in Rs Donated By
1 ARCHANA A B.Sc (Maths), Amman College of Arts and Science, Dindigul-624001 4225 Mughil Social Welfare Organisation(P22) – R1
2 GANESAN R 12th (COMMERCE , COMPUTER SCIENCE), AASEE SCHOOL, PAVITRAM , KARUR-639002 5000 Saravanan Subramanian (714)
3 SATHIYA MOORTHY K B.Sc Maths,Don Bosco College of Arts and Science, Adhiyaman bye-pass road,Dharmapuri. 8450 Durga Owen (258),
K Surendar Nahar (1516)
4 KARTHIKA N Diploma in Garment Technology, PACR POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE,RAJAPALAYAM, Pincode: 626117 5500 India Sudar
5 NANDHINI P B.Sc – Maths, Sri Sarada Niketan college of science for women Karur – 639 005 4500 India Sudar

For further details I have enclosed individual project reports for your reference. Their academic performance will be circulated once we receive their results.

We hope that the above youngstars will become donors soon.

Thanks & Regards,

Muthukkavin S (1514)





4.148TN2011_12_Sathya Moorthy.pdf


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