IS notice board mail

Indiasudar Notice Board @ schools and Homes

Motivation, self discipline, Inspiration, Health Tips, self confidence, Leadership, Decision Making, Our Culture, Career Guidance……should be taken to each and every corner of the schools, villages.

How to reach the maximum number of students?

Notice board with suitable contents to be displayed is the easiest and simplest way to reach.

How long will this help them?

The notice board and contents will be given to each schools/homes.

This one time sponsorship will guide “N” no of students per year

& “N” no of students in every year.


• Board cost: 680 Rs

• Nameplate (paint/acrylic) : 150 Rs

• 200 pages print : 180 Rs

• Transport cost (wherever required): 100 Rs (approx)

Total Set: 1110 Rs per onsite.

Rs.1110 will help 1110 students (minimum) within 2 – 3 years.

Good Thoughts and Moral Education will reach many and will trigger /ignite many students.


Indiasudar seeks your valuable support to execute this project.

nb tamil2.pdf

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