indiasudar-ap Cricket For Smile – A Success Triangle for underprivileged children

Dear All,

Cricket for Smile brings many changes in the mindset, joy, behavioral attitude, enhancement of their attitude,

skill and Knowledge thus making them (the underprivileged children) to come under "Success Triangle".

Let us all unite and make many sport persons and make the whole world believe "EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED" !!!

Below are observations or feedback from Orphanages homes:

1. Most of orphans living in orphanages are street children

2. Out of this, most of them are cheated by parents or relatives.

3. Out of this, some of them won’t believe on general public.

We are trying to mingle them to mainstream and an big attempt to remove inferiority complex with them

Teams are formed in novel way, by tying college/NGO/company with any orphanage of their choice.

And meet them on regular basis, form a cricket team and bring them for the tournament in next year (expecting Jan 26th time frame).

Apart from this, we are also trying to fulfill their requirements on the same day. We will publish their requirements on our website (

and those who are interested to donate, they can sponsor any item of them choice directly to them on the same day.(Jan 26th).

To achieve this,

1. We need one ambassador (looking for someone who is not interested to take money)

2. Looking for college students who can take initiative

3. Looking for some sponsors

4. Looking for active volunteers

5. Need some support from Hyderabad cricket association (HCA).

6. Looking for NGO who can support in terms of volunteers, sponsors etc.

I will appreciate if you help in any ways to achieve this dream……


Ravi Kumar DS

90101 80599

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