Play Online voting game from multiple mail ids or facebook accounts and win or claim a school kit.

Play Online voting game from multiple mail ids or facebook accounts and win or claim a school kit.

(Totally 3000 kits will be distributed. First come First serve basis)

For every vote, you poll at,

we will donate a school kit on behalf of U or based on Ur recommendation.

You can recommend any child from primary or high school level or any govt school or orphanage.
*We will bear all the charges. (No Hidden charges)

How to Vote?
1. U are required to sign up or connect through facebook at the sign up page
(In case if you sign up using your email id, you need to click on the activation link send to your email)
2. Go to our project page or Search for "CTC" and perform voting.
3. Click on the Vote, it will pop up new window. Then click on the "yes, vote now" button.

Last date for voting: Nov 30th 2011, 12pm

How to claim the gift?(Even if you already did voting, you are eligible to claim the school kit)

1. After voting, please don’t forgot to take the snapshot (please see sample picture below) along with tick mark next to "Vote" button and Ur name

2. Send above snapshot + information mentioned in the ap

Last date to claim gift: Dec 2nd 2011

What is CTC Drive? Creavitivity + Talent + Confidence = SmartChild

We will empower and encourage Creativity, Talent in each and every child and to increase Confidence level in them that is our CTC Drive.

Forward this mails to your friends and relatives and ask them to play online voting game.

Donate SweetSmile to Small Kids:

And also we are planning to visit different orphanages on eve of children’s day celebration on Nov 20th (Sunday) at Hyderabad.

If anyone of you interested, please drop email to ap or call me at 90101 80599.
Details about this program is available at (You can see better view in full screen)

We are planning to cover around 10 orphanages and mentally or physically challenged schools in and around Hyderabad in single day.

IndiaSudar Team


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