Your Small Monthly sustainable Donation will educate Several needy Students

Dear Friends,

Thanks for your continue support in the sense of Volunteering, Donation, Creating training Model, Onsite Verification, Assessment, IT, etc to educate more needy students through our model.

But some of our project (Teacher Salary) required month funding, I am sure you small monthly sustainable donation will help us to continue this type of the projects. (As a IS member, Donation is not mandatory in our Organization)

What You Achieved in FYear 2011-12 ?

> 168 Projects executed, 13,864 Students Benefited and Rs.14,21,188 expensed (Planed and expensed).

> 73 TEACHER deployed, Paying Rs.75,650 as monthly salary for our Learning Center, Computer Training Center and Gov Schools to provide regular Training.

> 52 INDIVIDUAL Students received scholarship amount of Rs.2,59,709

> Rs. 3,66,390 expensed to provide STATIONARIES

> 18 TRAINING program executed in Week Ends

> 27 LIBRARY owned and managed by Us

> 7 COMPUTER Training Center provides regular computer training for rural students.

What we achieved till (2004 to 2011) ?

0 No Administrative overhead

1 Educational and Charitable Trust

11 Indian states/union territory in scope

11 Computer centers

18 Active India Sudar teams

27 Libraries for government schools

33 Partner Organizations

220 Villages, Gov Schools, Orphanages and Educational Institutions covered

339 Teachers deployed in IS learning/computer centers, gov schools & homes.

802 Projects executed

1505 Registered members

76,175 Students reached and benefited

73,00,837 INR Expensed to educate needy students.

India Sudar
Our Vision “Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education”

Our Mission “Educate 15 lac needy Students from 15 Indian states in 20 years”
Our Slogan “Educate Elevate”
eMail by Udhaya Kumar V | (m) +91.98867.33607

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