indiasudar-ocp SEBLA- Thanks and Invitation- Part2


2010-11 2011-12 2012-2013
# of schools 10 30 45
# of experiments 30 60 100
Quality & standard Good Better Best
Components Only experiments Hands on Experiments+

Science exhibition

Hands on Experiments+

Science exhibition+

Science Demos in Videos (to be prepared by us)


Target and systematic plans and support to school students to achieve National / International awards

All the above are achieved by the team work.

At this juncture, We invite everyone of you to share your ideas , materials , suggestions etc to us to enrich the project and to reach many.

Place, Language, Time and Profession are not barriers. The selfless Involvement and cooperation yield the results.

We thank the Information and Communication Technology for achieving this though we are at different places and work at different timings.

We thank each and everyone for their active support.

Roles and Responsibilities Members Roles and Responsibilities Members
Material (SEBLA) write up Mrs.Thilagavathy,Karur


Training to SEBLA teachers & Zonal Coordination Mr.Gunasekaran,karur




Material Write up,Banner,Book Typing and design Mr.Suresh Rajan,Pollachi

Mr.Satheesh Kumar,Karur

Content Typing Mr.Balamanickam,Vellore
Proposal Write up & Fund Initiation Mr.Narendran,Madurai

Mr. Sonal Gupta

Science Innovation & Projects Ms.Bharathi Natarajan,UK


Science Logo Pagutharivalan,Trichy SEBLA Teachers Dineshkumar.G,Tirupur




SEBLA Overall Monitoring and Guidance

Satyashree Srikanth – Asha For Education,Standford Chapter

Balamanikandan.K,Udhayakumar.V – Indiasudar


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