Your 1110 Rs can Educate infinite number of students – seeking your support-IS NOTICE BOARD 2 Attachments

Let us make each move to Improve

Let us give a REAL EDUCATION

Your Valuable Inputs and / or Your 1110 Rs can educate minimum of 400 students per year and hence infinite number of students in future

Indiasudar Notice Board @ schools and Homes

Why Notice Board?

To Educate the students on the Following Topics

1.Power Of The Mind
2. Character Building (Behavior, Good habits, Social Responsibility/Service, etc)
3. Self Discipline, Self Confident, Self Analyze, Self Motivation
4. Health, Food, Cleanliness and Sports
5. Goal Setting (Vision, Passion, Success)
6. Our Culture, Our History
7. Time Management
8. Decision Making
9. Leadership Practice
10. Study Habits
11. Entrepreneurship

& Career Guidance Updates .

To Provide a Place to showcase the students’ skills in writing Articles, Drawing, Poems etc.

What We Provide?

One Notice Board & 200 Printed statements on the above said Topics

( Contents will be prepared by Indiasudar Volunteers and Teachers…..We print them and segregate the category……Will be displayed Day wise)

Monday: Health tips
Tuesday : Leadership quotes+ character building thoughts and so on…

(Please refer the sample pages attached)


• Board cost: 680 Rs

• Nameplate (paint/acrylic) : 150 Rs

• 200 pages print : 180 Rs

• Transport cost (wherever required): 100 Rs (approx)

Total Set: 1110 Rs per onsite.

One time investment but life time investment

You are invited to sponsor Notice Boards (Rs.1100 per one place) and Educate minimum of 400 students per year by your one time sponsorship.

Minimum Target to reach 30 onsites

Interested members please contact us.

Best Regards,


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