India Sudar Visit Report Govt Schools in Tiruvallur District


As part of the India Sudar School adoption program in Tiruvallur District, I and Udhay visited the following Schools in Tiruvallur last Saturday (24-09-2011) and discussion with respective HM and teachers.

1. R.M.J Govt Higher Sec. School

About the School: The school is situated in the outer area of the Tiruvallur District. Most of the school children’s are travelling one hour from nearby villages to this school because their teaching standard. 90% student parents are working as labor. For the last few years the school was supported by some organization for paying teacher’s fee the Self Finance Group (Commerce). But they have withdrawn the support for this school because of financial reason. Currently the school have two commerce teaches for taking class for +1 and +2 students. For the last few months they are working without getting any salary. So they requested India Sudar to support the teacher’s salary from the current month.

School Details

Standard – 6 to 12th

School Strength – 854

Total no of Teachers – 21

+1 Commerce – 107

+2 Commerce – 68

Commerce Teacher Details

1. Srinivasan – M.Com.B.Ed

2. Bharathi – M.Com


Requested the teacher salary for the Commerce Group

Requested for Career Guidance for +1 and +2 Students

Important points about the school :

–> 10th Pass Percentage – 75 (Last Year)

–> +2 Pass Percentage – 80(Last Year)

–> They are providing coaching based on the children level

–> Yoga for the school students

–> Library funded by Government

2. Govt High School, Pakkam, Tiuvallur District

About the School: The school is located in the rural area of Tiruvallur District. Most the student’s parents are working as labor. Last year the school pass percentage in 10th examination was 49%. 90% of the students are failed in science and English subjects. They have requested India Sudar to deploy one teacher for conducting special coaching for the 10th students in the evening.

School Details:

Total Students: 500

Total Teachers: 16

Total No of teachers for 9th and 10th: 6

Total no of 10th students – 126

10th Boys: 53

10th Girls: 73

Last Year 10th Pass %: 49


1. Deploy teacher for Evening class for 10th students

2. Special coaching for English Reading

3. Govt Higher Secondary School, Tiruvallur.

About the School: The school is located in the rural area of Tiruvallur District. The school has sufficient no of teacher for all the standards except the Commerce (Self Finance). They have appointed two teachers for the commerce subjects. They are using student scholarship from poor students and collecting fee from students and paying the teacher salary. They have received the bench and desk from Hyundai. Every year at least one student from this school is coming in toper in Tiruvallur District Govt Schools. The school has pass percentage of more than 80% in all academic year.

School Details

Total no of students: 536

Total no of Vocational Students: 90


1. Deploy teacher for evening class

2. Partial support for the Commerce teacher


Kindly let me know if anybody is interested in conducting events in the above mentioned schools.


Karthikeyan M


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