India Sudar Do you think you can spend your time and experience for to Prepare “IS Moral Education” Material ?

Dear Friends: India Sudar ( works for rural India Education in 11 Indian states/union territory. Our team decided to make best “India Sudar Moral Education” package for government school students. Yes off course already we are running this type of program partially. Now we plan to prepare material/content based on following 11 topics for 15 hrs session. This education will be delivered to all our education site(Government Schools, Homes) through volunteers and dedicated teachers. Initially we will prepare PPT and Poster for these topics & followed by movies for every topics.

1. Power Of The Mind

2. Character Building

3. Self Discipline, Self Confident, Self Analyze, Self Motivation

4. Health, Food, Cleanliness and Sports

5. Goal Setting

6. Our Culture, Our History

7. Time Management

8. Decision Making

9. Leadership Practice

10.Reading Habits


If you think, you can spend your experience and time to prepare this material for any of this topics, Please let us know. You can reach us @ admin

Udhaya Kumar V | (m) +91.98867.33607
"Own It & Do It"

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