Madhya Pradesh, Satna Dist Report on Purania Learning Center

hi friends
i am sending you a report on our activity in purania village in satna district.
thank you

Report on purania village school
This report is related to puranina village school dis. Satna (M.P.).which is a part of india sudar .

About purania village:-

Purania is a small village which is 6 km far from satna district
The major population of this village is belongs to B.p.l. category.
Most of the people of this village is depend on the labor.
There is only two governments and one private school.
The educational standard in this government school is very poor .Hence this is our small attempt to give free tuition in evening time to student of purania village.

About our school :-

We have been stared an evening school in Ramakrishna ashram since 2008. The land of ashram is near about 1.5 acres and it has three completely constructed well equipped buildings. One building is reserved for school program. it has three room and one computer lab.
The school started at 4.30pm at noon and closed at 8.30 at night.


We have 85 student from the village .There is no rule to admission in our school every student who want to admitted in our school they can be apply via personal contact .

We have three teachers for regular classes and a team for other activities. The detail of the teachers is as given blow.

Name Qualification Salary
Mr rahul majhi B.C.A and M.C..A (pursuing) 1000
Mrs. Saroj verma 1000
Mr. Dheerendra kushwaha I.T.I. 1000

Team members:-

prachi panday (English teacher )
Deepak verma (Drawings and painting teacher )
Abhishek majhi (computer teacher)
Neeraj tiwari (sports teacher)
Tusar singh ( career program)

Activities in our school:-

We have arranged a sport program for our students. There is two day is reserved for sport activity ( Saturday and Sunday) The sport material we have is as follows .
1 one football.
2 one volleyball.
3 Three flying dice
4 one shot-put (8 pound).
5 five jumping rough .
6 one chess set
7 one carom board.

Painting program:-
We have finished a painting class in month on June. Student performed very well in their painting class. we have the following drawing materials .
1. 30 drawing copies
2. 30 pack color pastels.
3. 30 erasers and sharpeners.
4. 10 pack hb pencils

Computer classes :-
We have two Pentium 3 computers for our student. The computer classes is going on as regular basis .

Syllabus :-
In regular classes we teach students their school syllabus of all subjects but especially we focus on mathematics English and science.

Upcoming event :-
We are going to celebrate the durgapuja from this 28-9-2011 .
Student are preparing for a program in thease days.

Our requirement :-

The computers which we are operating is so older version and not in good working condition so we require latest computers for our students.

Submitted by
Rahul majhi

A report on puraniya village school.docx


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