India Sudar Library project needs your support


You well aware that India Sudar runs 20 libraries in Government
schools and homes. It makes them to get exposure in various subjects
and monthly periodicals. Thus it helps them to know various
opportunities around them.

Our members and volunteers interacted and visited all the places. They
are functioning very well.

Every Year, we subscribe magazines for them.This year we propose to
subscribe 7 magazines for each library.Schools which receive fund from
govt towards monthly periodicals are removed. Therefore 14 libraries
need our support.The total cost for individual library is Rs.1227.

Your contribution will help all the needy and poor students in each place.

If anyone interested to contribute, Kindly contact us

Thank you very much.

Chutti Vikatan
Namadhu Nambikkai
Gokulam Tamil
Gokulam English
Maruthuva ariviyal malar (recently added)
Kalvi today (recently added)


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